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Collection: Pre-Loved / Used / Clearance

Once in awhile, we come into possession of 2nd hand (used) units. Other times, we have units from a previous shipment (unused but from a previous batch) that we would like to let go.

2nd hand units:

  • Usually in relatively good condition
  • Typically between 2 and 4 weeks old
  • Might come with scratches/kinks that can be expected with 2nd hand units
  • Warranties as indicated

"Previous shipment" units:

  • Unused
  • May have minor signs of ageing in storage (eg. tinting, minor peeling, etc)
  • May have minor kinks as a results of movement into and out of storage
  • Warranties as indicated

While we try our best to present the condition of these units through our photos, our focus is primarily on "working condition" and "usability" rather than aesthetics. This is also why we include warranties for most of them.

On the other hand, it may not be possible to present every and all aspects of the condition of these units. Since logistics/transport fees paid are not refundable, if aesthetics and exterior condition are a concern for you, we recommend that you browse our other sections for products in new condition.


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