Up to 30% Off Stainless Steel Tables, Sinks and Shelves! Discounts on EEG-Approved Refrigeration!

Collection: Stainless Steel Work Table / Benches / Sinks / Cabinets

The widest range of stainless steel sinks, work tables, racks and shelves!

Our stainless steel work tables come with:

  • Industry-standard 304-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty adjustable bullet feet or wheels (not disc feet!)
  • Adjustable middle shelf height (Removable If You Prefer!)
  • Additional support beams beneath all decks for superior weight-bearing
  • Fitted with square legs, they present a neater profile and hold more weight!

Our stainless steel sinks are:

  • Designed with "skirting" (covering) on the front and sides for a more aesthetically-pleasing presentation.
  • Most models also come with undershelves that you will find useful.

✔️Our stainless steel work tables & sinks are designed to be strong and durable (commercial grade). While our clients appreciate our focus on sturdiness and durability, we have not intended them for domestic use due to their commercial-level finishing.

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