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Collection: Stainless Steel Work Tables / Benches

Our Premium stainless steel work tables come with:

  • Industry-standard 304-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty adjustable bullet feet (not disc feet!)
  • Adjustable middle shelf height (Removable If You Prefer!)
  • Additional support beams beneath all decks for superior weight bearing

✔️Fitted with square legs, they present a neater profile and holds more weight!
✔️Our stainless steel work tables/sinks are designed to be strong and durable (for commercial use). While our clients have found them sturdy (quite heavy too) and durable, we have not constructed them with smooth or polished finishing (unlike domestic ranges that you may see on tv or home stores). Scruffs or welds on the surfaces may be present.

We do not use wood linings for stainless steel tables because they can be problematic in humid environments (i.e. rot and pests). Wood lining is usually used when the stainless steel material itself is thin or the table is not sturdy enough. We simply use much thicker stainless steel material to ensure sturdiness without wood lining.

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