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We're happy to receive your enquires (keep them comin') and we are grateful for the keen interest that you're showing us. In order to assist you in a faster and more efficient way, we would like to shed light on some of the common questions that we are receiving. 

Do you offer manual quotations or credit terms?
As an online platform, all enquiries and purchases are fully managed online and through our e-store. We welcome enquiries through our email (info@kitchenexpress.sg) or e-store (www.kitchenexpress.sg). We currently don't offer manual quotations or credit terms, with apologies. 

Do you have a showroom to view the products?

As an online platform, we don't have a showroom. This helps us save on operating costs, and the savings are passed on in terms of cheaper prices for clients.

For viewings or manual quotations/purchases, our associates (U-Save F&B Equipment Pte Ltd) will be happy to assist, although prices and terms may differ from Kitchen Express Singapore. Their showroom is located at 123 Ubi Avenue 4, Tong Xing Complex, Singapore 408767 and they can be reached at sales@u-save.com.sg or at +65 68410185.

Do you customize products?
We currently only carry ready-made ranges.


Are your products suitable for use in a home/domestic environment?

Generally, our products are designed for commercial settings (i.e. cafes, restaurants, bakeries, pubs, bars, snack kiosks, etc). Many of our products can also be used in domestic settings (with some conditions) as they operate on standard 3-pin plugs. For example, our chest freezers are popular for both cafes and homes. Our Italian-made GIERRE baking ovens are a favourite for bakeries and home-based bakers due to its versatile functions (operates on a standard 3-pin plug).

Our stainless steel work tables & sinks are designed to be strong and durable for commercial settings. While our clients appreciate our focus on sturdiness and durability, and many of our tables and sinks are already being used for home-based businesses or other garage work, we have not designed or intended them for domestic use due to their "commercial-level" finishing (i.e. scratches and lines are common). If you are ok with a stainless steel table that may not look perfect but is built for a pounding, our tables are good for that.

Our refrigeration equipment are generally designed for commercial use. While most of them will operate on standard household 3-pin power supply without issues, other domestic-use considerations (i.e. sound level, glass condensation, etc) may not have been incorporated into their design as commercial products tend to focus on performance over aesthetics, finishing, or individual user expectations. We have many clients who use our products in their homes without issues, but the operating environment and expectations may differ for each client. The following are some of the experiences from our clients who use our products in their homes:
  • Chest Freezers (Solid flip top models are popular for both commercial and home-use while glass sliding tops are more for commercial use)
  • Glass Door Chillers/Freezers (Generally not suitable for home-use unless the glass doors are heated and you don't mind the hum from the compressor)
  • Stainless Steel Upright and Counter Chillers/Freezers (Generally not suitable for HDB/Condo/Apartment but some clients are using them in landed houses in their garages and yards)
Our Italian-made GIERRE ovens operate on a standard 3-pin plug, but multi-plugging is not recommended. While it is designed for commercial use (i.e. cafes, bakeries, pubs, restaurants, etc), many of our clients also use it for their home-based businesses and bakeries which require a higher-performance and versatile baking oven (vs domestic brands).

Why do you require me to provide a business name for my purchase?
As most of our products are designed for commercial and professional use, regulations require that we have your business or company name for records and regulatory purposes. This can be any business name, even if unrelated to the F&B industry. For home-based businesses, if you have not formally registered your business yet, just the brand of your cookies/cakes/bakes is good enough.

The only exceptions (and do not require a business name) are chest freezers and stainless steel tables, sinks, shelves and racks.

Do you offer deliveries?
Of course we do! You don't have to haul them yourself.

Delivery/Pick-up options and prices are available on the order confirmation page before you make your payment. So you can safely select the option that you want without providing any payment details. For delivery, we offer standard and express delivery options to accommodate your needs (fee differs). If you prefer, we also offer self pick-up options.

In order to ensure product availability, we encourage you to make your order early. If you do not require your delivery so soon, simply let us know by replying to the order confirmation email that you will receive after you have made your order and payment. We offer a 2-month FOC storage service, commencing from the date your payment is made. When you require delivery, simply email us at least 3 working days in advance with your intended delivery date (subject to delivery schedule availability).

Our standard delivery includes only roll-in locations with direct lift-level access, without manually lifting the product up or down staircases or over-the-counter (over other equipment). Of course, small items such as fryers and blenders are ok. Should you require manual lifting or disposal services for your delivery, please write to us prior to making your order or payment. Thank you.