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  • Warranty is valid only if the product(s) is/are purchased from Kitchen Express LLP and shall under no circumstance be transferable and/or otherwise exchangeable for any benefit.
  • Warranty refers to and is detailed as covering “manufacturing defects, inherent and unavoidable design flaws”. It does not extend to nor does it cover issues relating to wear-and-tear and/or user-contributed factors (i.e. failure to have routine servicing/cleaning performed - whether payable or not, insufficient ventilation, etc), whether deliberate or accidental, or external parts and aesthetics including knobs, hoses, joints and/or ageing.
  • Warranty, if any, given on product(s) purchased and/or sold with "WARRANTY" or "STANDARD WARRANTY" is/are subject to the following conditions which include but are not limited to:
    • The breakdown was due to a malfunction arising from “normal, factory-recommended usage”;
    • Notification of claim must be in writing and received by us before warranty lapses;
    • Product(s) must be in original condition, unmodified and not previously attended to by a person/contractor not authorised by Kitchen Express LLP;
    • Coverage commences from the 1st date of delivery/collection of product; 
    • Warranty covers only the specific component(s) indicated, and is/are guaranteed once for the entire duration of the warranty; and
    • The product(s) must be located on mainland Singapore, not within a secured or military facility (eg. Airport air-side, Changi Cargo Complex, Military/Police Facilities, etc).
    • Warranty shall become void upon:
      • The serial number of the product(s) has/have been altered, tampered with or removed;
      • The product(s) has/have not been installed, maintained or operated in accordance with instructions, advise or recommendation given by the manufacturer or Kitchen Express LLP;
      • The product(s) has/have undergone unauthorised repairs, tamper, alteration, modification, misuse or been operated in an environment not designed for;
      • Malfunctions or damages resulting from acts of God, fire, civil unrest, lightning and any other natural disaster due to deviation from recommended application and installation; and
      • Defect(s) caused by pests such as lizards, rats, cockroaches, etc.
    • Kitchen Express LLP reserves the right:
      • To provide over-the-internet assistance prior to a consideration of a warranty claim; and
      • On decisions relating to warranty claims including, but not limited to, the right to suspend, terminate and/or modify any warranty coverage at any time.
    • For warranty coverage on a "parts only" basis, labour and transport fee(s) will apply if attendance by our technician is required. For warranty coverage on a "carry-in" basis, transport fee(s) will apply if on-site attendance by our technician is required or in the event that transport of the product(s) is required of Kitchen Express LLP.
    • Labour and transportation charges may apply in the event that no technical fault is detected during service attendance, regardless of warranty.
    • Kitchen Express LLP reserves the right to impose additional charges and/or refuse to attend to any products installed or present in locations which are inaccessible and/or hazardous to its service agents.
    • Decisions by Kitchen Express LLP on all questions relating to feedback, technical support or warranty shall be conclusive
    • Kitchen Express LLP's liability under warranty, if any, is limited to repairing and/or replacing defective product(s) and/or part(s) only. Kitchen Express LLP shall not be liable for any claims in respect of personal injury, damages to property, loss of income or property or any consequential loss or damage.
    • Unless expressly provided to the contrary, a person/entity who is not a party to the original sale/purchase from us has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act to enforce or to enjoy the benefit of any term of the sale/purchase.
      • Application of any promo code which carries a discount equal to or more than 10% will automatically render any and all products in the transaction to be attached with "EXPORT WARRANTY".
      • For item(s) which warranty information is not expressly indicated, no warranty shall apply.
      • Proof of purchase must be furnished by the claimant for warranty.


      • In addition to the GENERAL terms and conditions for warranty, product(s) purchased and/or sold with multi-year or extended warranty is/are subject to the following conditions which include but are not limited to:
        • The cost for labour and transport will be chargeable from the 2nd year; and
        • All service(s) or part(s) not covered by warranty will remain so.


      • Regardless of the location where product(s) is/are delivered to and/or picked-up from, we assume that all products purchased and sold under "export" terms are intended for export and will eventually be exported by the customer. In the same vein, product(s) purchased and sold for "EXPORT" or with "EXPORT WARRANTY" shall carry NO WARRANTY.
      • Having said that, we remain ready to provide technical support for these products(s). Fees are payable.
      • Any GST paid by the customer, at the time of purchase, for product(s) which are exported, may be refunded on the following conditions:
        • The "proof of export" (eg. sub-cert bearing our company name, export permit bearing our invoice number, etc) must reach us within 60 days from date of purchase; and
        • We must acknowledge the receipt of such document(s).