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KX Oven / Grill / Tray / Stove Grid / Hot Plate / Fryer / Hood Cleaner 500ml

KX Oven / Grill / Tray / Stove Grid / Hot Plate / Fryer / Hood Cleaner 500ml

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FREE: Gloves & Scrubber!

✔️High-Performance Commercial / Professional Formula
✔️Specially Formulated for the Removal of Baked-On & Burnt-On Food/Carbon and Grease.
✔️Suitable for Ovens, Hoods, Stove Grids, Baking Trays, Grills, Broilers, Hot Plates, Fryers, etc.
✔️Cuts Grease & Removes Grime - Makes Cleaning Much Easier!

🔸SUITABLE For: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron.
🔸NOT Suitable For: Aluminium, Galvanized or Other Reactive Materials.

Directions For Use (Try on Small Surface First):
1. Pre-heat oven or hot plate to 60degC to 90degC.
2. Turn off heat.
3. Spray KX Oven Cleaner on surfaces.
4. Leave for 5 – 10 mins.
5. Scrub lightly with scraper or brush and remove soils with damp cloth.
6. Rinse / wipe thoroughly with clean water.
TIP: For cast-iron / stainless steel hot plates, grills, pans and other utensils, you may consider soaking them in a tub with KX Cleaner for several minutes (for better effect) before rinsing with clean water.

Safety Precautions & First Aid:
1. Product is highly alkaline. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
2. Eye Contact – Wash for 15 minutes. Seek prompt medical attention.
3. Skin Contact – Remove contaminated clothing. Wash affected area with clean water.
4. Inhalation – If breathing is affected, seek fresh air. Medical attention if required.
5. Ingestion – If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of milk and seek medical attention.

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