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THERMOR Countertop Gas Open Burners (80cm)

THERMOR Countertop Gas Open Burners (80cm)

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THERMOR Countertop Gas Open Burners (80cm)

  • Easy to Use - Independent Controls With Built-In Pilot Light For Easy Operation
  • Durable - Stainless Steel Monoblock Construction
  • Efficient - High-Efficiency + High-Powered Burners
  • Safety - Flame Failure Gas Cut-Out System For Safety

Country/Region of Origin: Europe
Model: TRGO-8070

Dimension (est): 80 x 73 x 30cmH
Power: 80,000 BTU/Hr
Kcal: 20,832(6KW x 4)
Weight: 45kg
Gas: LPG / Town Gas
Intensity: Medium
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty on Gas Valves Against Manufacturer's Defects.


a) For LPG modules, your LPG gas supplier typically installs this equipment for you. Please remember to also install a 0.5" Low-Pressure Regulator PER ITEM.
b) For Town Gas modules, you may contact CityGas Singapore for an authorized LGSW to perform the installation of this equipment.


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