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TOASTMASTER Countertop 2-Open Burner

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TOASTMASTER Countertop 2-Open Burner

Available in LPG / Town Gas Modules

  • Easy to Use - Individual Flame Controls With Built-In Pilot Light Controls
  • Durable - Stainless Steel Construction With High-Heat Durable Cast Iron Grids
  • Premium Quality - Chrome-Plated Control Knobs
  • Reliable - High-Reliability Gas Valves For Sustained Long Term Use
  • Convenient - Separate and Independent Pilot Control Knobs
  • Flexible- Adjustable Steel Legs
Model: TMDO-12PV
Dimension (Ext): 310 x 660 x 305mmH
Capacity: 2 Open Burners
Pilot Light Control(s): Yes
Power: 40,000 BTU / Hr
Options: LPG or Town Gas Module
Brand: USA
Intensity: Medium Duty
Notes: A stainless steel 2-tier equipment stand may be purchased from here:
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty On Gas Valves Against Manufacturer's Defects.

a) For LPG modules, your LPG gas supplier typically installs this equipment for you. Please remember to also install a 0.5" Low Pressure Regulator PER ITEM.
b) For Town Gas modules, you may contact CityGas Singapore for an authorised LGSW to perform the installation of this equipment.

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