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VENIX (ITALY) Electric Convection Oven (4-Tray)
VENIX (ITALY) Electric Convection Oven (4-Tray)

VENIX (ITALY) Electric Convection Oven (4-Tray)

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VENIX (ITALY) Electric Convection Oven (4-Tray)

Professional Series


  • Compact-Sized with FULL Convection Function
  • Easy-to-use Interface: Mechanical Temperature Control, Timer Control & Light
  • Fits 4 x 460x330mm Trays
  • Dual-Layered Heat-Resistant (Top-Down) Glass Door With Durable Hinges
  • Fast Heating - 2,900 Watts (15A) For Your Efficient Kitchen Workflow
  • Single-Direction Convection Fan For Baking/Heating/Roasting Needs
Product Type: VENIX (Italy) Electric Convection Oven (4-Tray)
Model: T043M
Dimension (ext): 560 x 600 x 580mmH
Capacity: 4 x 450x340mm Trays (4 Trays Included)
Temperature: +60 degC to +275degC
Accessories (Included):

4 x Trays, Internal Light, etc.


220-240V/50Hz/3,100 Watts
This item requires a 15A (round plug) power supply.


12 Months Warranty on Heating Element (Manufacturer's Defect) From Date of Delivery.

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